Poetry for the Silent



“Poetry for the Silent”

By Talin Mari


I sit in the shadows waiting to be noticed,

My silence makes me invisible, an unknown,

I cry with desire, my only effort to be heard,

My voice waits patiently to scream a word.


Let me have a moment to speak,

Let me have a moment to be heard,

Let me have a moment to be free,

Free to captivate everyone I see.


I may be in the shadows eagerly waiting,

I may be listening to the noises around me,

When I break free, everyone will be in awe,

When I break free, my voice will amaze all.


My voice will be there to help,

My voice will be there to inspire.



My voice can be heard.


My voice will be heard.


My voice has been heard….


Please… I Need to Write!



All I ever want to do is to spend moments of my day writing….  How hard can that be?  How hard can it be to devote at least one hour in the day to my dear laptop?

Unless I live in a utopian world, my reality does not meet my desires.  I would have to quit my job and become a free spirit to write all that I want to write.  Unfortunately, I would blind myself from the realities of today and, perhaps, lose the muse that makes me yearn to touch the slippery keys of my delicate laptop.

Since the realities of today seem to halt my desires to scream out words, I am forced to find my cave that shelters my ideas.  This is the place where ideas freely float and create a movie in my mind.  It creates a projection of little stories that somehow weave themselves into a colorful story about someone or something.

This cave can be anywhere.  It can be in my office, among the stillness of the books staring jealously as I type away.  The cave can be surrounding my car with ideas chattering away at my ears while I drive.  All I can do is hope that I remember all that is said when I get back to my devoted laptop.  It can be in the grocery store, helping me observe people with their own mini-stories.  My cave can be anywhere as long as those thoughts, the really good thoughts, stay with me when I return to my hard shelled friend, my laptop.

Yes, all that I ever want to do is to stroke the delicate keys of my laptop with words that link together to form their unique story.  The obstacles of the day are what make my desire to write stronger, deeper, and irreversible….

Vacation Break from Everything



I suppose one can say that I’ve been missing in action. After all, I haven’t blogged for two weeks.

I have been on a much needed break, or as we called it in primary school, a brain break.  It was a moment to pause and recharge my battery of knowledge.  It was a time to learn, but without thinking.  It was a time to explore in order to rejuvenate the mind for more exploratory and creative writing.  It was a vacation from everything and anything.

Now, I am back, embracing the memories of the days I enjoyed with friends and family. Ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Ready to be a better person. Ready to be a better blogger and writer. I’m back from my break!

Screaming Thoughts on a Blank Screen


computer photo 2 shout

“Screaming Thoughts”

by Talin Mari


Sitting in my room, without a sound to be heard,

Waiting for my thoughts to loudly fill the room,

My blank computer screen yearns for any typing.

Why do my thoughts want to stay silent today?


While I drive, they scream and pout without shame,

Mile after mile, yelling randomly during the drive,

My occupied hands restrain me from writing them.

Why, oh why, must you tell me your ideas now?


Eating with friends, my time for companionship,

Laughing, my thoughts cry louder than my friends,

My only hope is that no one can hear the giggles.

Why do my thoughts laugh out these ideas now?


While I wait in my room, I turn off my computer,

“File them away!” I say, stomping out of the room,

My hope has been shattered by their long silence.

Why is it that they suddenly begin to shout again?



I must return.

The beautiful screams!

I hear them louder than ever before.

The temptress in my thoughts begins to roar!

“Write! Write! Write!” they yell and I obediently listen.


The End




Chaos in the Waiting Room


Patience Blog on Bored Kids

The other day, I quietly waited in the dental office scrolling through my Twitter account and reading through my Facebook feed. It was a typical day, nothing out of the norm. It was the usual routine to keep myself busy while waiting the endless wait at the dental office.

Next to me sat an older lady, possibly a grandmother or a nanny, with two elementary aged boys. At first, I thought it was adorable that both boys wanted to sit next to the grandmother or nanny. It was at that point that all of my beautiful images of this family began to slowly crumble.

The boys did not want to sit still. They wanted to watch the fish and walk around the waiting room. They were, after all, being curious boys exploring the room. The boys were not being disruptive. They were just being boys. The older lady started to yell at them. She was annoyed that the boys would not sit down next to her. How can any elementary aged child sit still without any form of entertainment? It’s almost like imprisoning them for being bored. She could have asked them to play a game like counting the fish or, better yet, brought something to entertain them from home – a book may have been nice. No, the yelling seemed to resolve her problem, but cause everyone else in the room to be agitated by her lack of patience.

After I left the dental office, I began to wonder whether we have become a world of impatient people looking for perfection. I suppose you can say that I too was impatient in that I relied on my social media to keep myself entertained. Nonetheless, I found a way to entertain myself. I’m sure that if I didn’t have entertainment, I would also be running around exploring the dental office – though I’m not sure how that would look.

We all need to create boundaries, but in situations where children will be completely bored, we need to accept responsibility and help them find a way to resolve that boredom. The dental office had so many magazines. I’m sure the older lady could have found an imaginative game to play with the children. She could have done a “Where’s Waldo?” kind of game where the children could have searched for a car or a dog.

Constantly scolding the children did not solve the old lady’s problem. It only made the children throw a tantrum, get yelled at loudly, sit for a moment sulking, and continue again with their initial activity. It was a cycle that continued throughout the time we waited.

The old lady could have prevented the drama if she spent time with the boys. After all, these boys were not toddlers. They were just bored. All that’s needed is patience and creativity to solve most problems….

Why Write? – My Story


Why Write? – My Story 

Why I write Photo

Why I decided to start writing…

People often say that your dreams are possible as long as you keep trying.  Well, what happens if you are continuously faced with an obstacle?  An obstacle that keeps pulling you back similar to a sticky gum that is stuck on your shoe and doesn’t want to come off.  When I was a teenager, I faced one of the most difficult challenges in my life that I have continuously fought back.

Imagine being in the prime of your teenage life, when, one day, everything starts to change.  I went into my doctor’s office and was told that I had a chronic illness.  I looked like I had anorexia and felt so depressed.   My doctor gave me a video to watch which had people talking about how their lives had changed and that they would never be normal.  It was the most depressing video I had ever seen!  How could I not be normal?  I wasn’t any different today than I was yesterday!

After watching that video, I decided that I was going to stop feeling sorry for myself.  I had always felt ashamed of being sick.  Was it really my fault?  I was determined to create a symbiotic relationship with my chronic illness.  I was going to gain my strength from my deficits.  I started to analyze whether my initial career goal of becoming an attorney was really what I wanted.

After much thought, I went into Finance, but had a soft spot for writing.  I wrote about how I felt and my uncertainties on any given day.  I reevaluated everything in my life and was determined to live.  Every time I made progress in my accomplishments, something would happen to remind me of the horrible words I had heard in the doctor’s video stating that my life would never be normal.

My health seemed to bounce back and forth just like the sticky gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe until I discovered that my main culprit was gluten sensitivity, the reason for my chronic illness.  I have been on a gluten-free diet for several years now.  I have been able to create substitutes for gluten-free cooking on almost everything.  Fortunately, with so many people being diagnosed with either gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance, there has been a significant increase in the number of gluten-free products found in stores.

Back to why I decided to start writing…

Writing has been the peanut butter helping peel off the sticky gum when nothing else seems to take it off.  It has been my avenue of normalcy.  It has helped me realize that the sticky gum can come off….

The Strength in Being You


dumbell with careers

Throughout history, spectacular people have contributed to society by not being part of the norm.  Almost everyone has heard of Albert Einstein not being able to tie his shoelaces.  Yes, he was different.  His differences were the reason for his great contributions to society, such as his theory on special relativity, E=mc2, that contributed to the establishment of nuclear energy used to power most of the households in the United States.  There is nothing wrong with being different.  It’s important to embrace your uniqueness and strive to achieve positive results from your strengths.

There are no two people alike in this world.  Even identical twins that share the same looks and possibly the same experiences are not the same.  Each of us is a cluster of thoughts that form and grow as we begin to socialize.  Every person we meet is another idea that we use to form perceptions in our mind.  The world we see is what shapes our views.

Unfortunately, some of us are not as fortunate as others.  We may not have the fancy cars or the big house or the most ideal health, but that does not mean that we are not able to strive to become our optimal self.  Nothing is impossible to achieve, unless one believes it is impossible.  As long as you have courage and will, you can achieve all that you want.  It just takes patience and determination.

The most important step in achieving our goals is to accept who we are and embrace all of our differences.  When I worked as a Strategic Planner, it was first and foremost important to realistically determine where the company stood in its current state.  The same goes for people.  It’s important to know who we are and accept the strength in our differences.  By knowing what our differences are and loving ourselves, it’s easier to achieve our goals.  Albert Einstein did not stop from aspiring to help mankind because he could not tie his shoelaces.  He knew it and still achieved greatness.  We can all achieve our own personal greatness by loving our differences.