Confessions of a Reader


Butterfly Books

Confessions of a Reader

by Talin Mari

I’ve read you,

I’ve read you a million times.

I’ve read you,

I’ve read you without your rhymes.

Why is it that I can’t seem to stop reading you?

Why is it that all I want is to keep you to myself?

Why should I share you if I bask in my selfishness?

Why should I let you leave the warmth of my hands?

I’ve read you,

I’ve read you when I was alone.

I’ve read you,

I’ve read you when I needed a friend.

You helped accompany me when I was deserted.

You helped occupy my time when it felt endless.

You saved me from drowning in my hopeless tears.

You saved me from dreaming away all those years.

I’ve read you,

I’ve read you to revive my soul.

I’ve read you,

I’ve read you to show me the world….

The End

“If” in a Different Perspective




By Talin Mari


If I could…

If I could fly, I would soar high into the sky. I would fly over the Empire State Building.  I would touch the pointed needle on the building to see whether it is really sharp or just an illusion.

If I could climb without any tools, I would climb the trees in the rainforest. I would climb to the top effortlessly and confidently.  I would peer into the rainforest like any jungle monkey and grab a vine to swing from tree to tree.

If I could sing with an angelic voice, I would perform in an opera house. I would sing in every language, understanding and feeling all the phrases that float like bubbles out of my mouth.  I would rise to the tips of my toes as my voice gently flows into the room with no form of shyness.

If I could be a flower, I would be a rose. I would smell so sweet that no one would resist putting me on display.  I would listen and hear the love that surrounds those that gave and received the rose.  I would hear their story and it would be mine to keep in the calm tranquility of my beautiful vase.

If I could be, I would be me. The flying, the climbing, the singing, the flower are all a part of me.  There is no if….

A Writer’s Freeway of Thoughts



I sit at my desk writing with an orderly freeway of thoughts, continuous and in beautiful synchronization.  These thoughts magnify with each second that passes.  They create a beautiful harmony of words.

Then, all of a sudden, amidst the flowing freeway of thoughts, there is the one distraction that causes the thoughts to rapidly move into chaotic directions.  I try to hold on and find my way back to the normalcy of my orderly freeway.   I start to think back to the time when the distraction was a mere car driving in its own path.

How can I divert the distraction to the take the right path?

Thinking… thinking… thinking.

Nothing seems to work.  I start to enjoy letting my mind wander in its blissful chaos of thoughts.

Should I let the chaos consume me?

The euphoria of the distraction hinders me from reaching my destination.  Driving circles in my mind, the thoughts overpower my desire to do anything.  “It’s fun!” shouts out the distracting thought.  I sit and let my mind wander into its colorful world.

Wandering… wandering… wandering.

They cause me to procrastinate, these thrill loving freeway of thoughts….

Poetry for the Silent



“Poetry for the Silent”

By Talin Mari


I sit in the shadows waiting to be noticed,

My silence makes me invisible, an unknown,

I cry with desire, my only effort to be heard,

My voice waits patiently to scream a word.


Let me have a moment to speak,

Let me have a moment to be heard,

Let me have a moment to be free,

Free to captivate everyone I see.


I may be in the shadows eagerly waiting,

I may be listening to the noises around me,

When I break free, everyone will be in awe,

When I break free, my voice will amaze all.


My voice will be there to help,

My voice will be there to inspire.



My voice can be heard.


My voice will be heard.


My voice has been heard….


Please… I Need to Write!



All I ever want to do is to spend moments of my day writing….  How hard can that be?  How hard can it be to devote at least one hour in the day to my dear laptop?

Unless I live in a utopian world, my reality does not meet my desires.  I would have to quit my job and become a free spirit to write all that I want to write.  Unfortunately, I would blind myself from the realities of today and, perhaps, lose the muse that makes me yearn to touch the slippery keys of my delicate laptop.

Since the realities of today seem to halt my desires to scream out words, I am forced to find my cave that shelters my ideas.  This is the place where ideas freely float and create a movie in my mind.  It creates a projection of little stories that somehow weave themselves into a colorful story about someone or something.

This cave can be anywhere.  It can be in my office, among the stillness of the books staring jealously as I type away.  The cave can be surrounding my car with ideas chattering away at my ears while I drive.  All I can do is hope that I remember all that is said when I get back to my devoted laptop.  It can be in the grocery store, helping me observe people with their own mini-stories.  My cave can be anywhere as long as those thoughts, the really good thoughts, stay with me when I return to my hard shelled friend, my laptop.

Yes, all that I ever want to do is to stroke the delicate keys of my laptop with words that link together to form their unique story.  The obstacles of the day are what make my desire to write stronger, deeper, and irreversible….

Vacation Break from Everything



I suppose one can say that I’ve been missing in action. After all, I haven’t blogged for two weeks.

I have been on a much needed break, or as we called it in primary school, a brain break.  It was a moment to pause and recharge my battery of knowledge.  It was a time to learn, but without thinking.  It was a time to explore in order to rejuvenate the mind for more exploratory and creative writing.  It was a vacation from everything and anything.

Now, I am back, embracing the memories of the days I enjoyed with friends and family. Ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Ready to be a better person. Ready to be a better blogger and writer. I’m back from my break!

Screaming Thoughts on a Blank Screen


computer photo 2 shout

“Screaming Thoughts”

by Talin Mari


Sitting in my room, without a sound to be heard,

Waiting for my thoughts to loudly fill the room,

My blank computer screen yearns for any typing.

Why do my thoughts want to stay silent today?


While I drive, they scream and pout without shame,

Mile after mile, yelling randomly during the drive,

My occupied hands restrain me from writing them.

Why, oh why, must you tell me your ideas now?


Eating with friends, my time for companionship,

Laughing, my thoughts cry louder than my friends,

My only hope is that no one can hear the giggles.

Why do my thoughts laugh out these ideas now?


While I wait in my room, I turn off my computer,

“File them away!” I say, stomping out of the room,

My hope has been shattered by their long silence.

Why is it that they suddenly begin to shout again?



I must return.

The beautiful screams!

I hear them louder than ever before.

The temptress in my thoughts begins to roar!

“Write! Write! Write!” they yell and I obediently listen.


The End