Countdown to Self-Publishing


With my release date for “The Diamond Guardians” just around the corner, I feel a mix of anxiety and excitement.  It reminds me of the first time I started blogging.

My first blog changed so many times.  I wrote several blogs, but none of them seemed to be the right one.  Finally, I wrote the blog that I thought would be worthy of posting, but, then, the anticipation set in.  My heart beat quickly while I constantly checked my smartphone for new followers, Twitter retweets and favorites, and Facebook likes.  A Facebook share would have been a bonus as my eyes did not seem to leave my social media venues.

Similarly, Thursday is the release of my first young adult fantasy fiction book and I am torn inside from excitement and anxiety.  All I can think of is whether I am on the right path.  Is my print book ready for Amazon? Yes, check!  Is my Kindle version uploaded? Yes, check!  Do I have it in Smashwords?  Almost there, check.  Do I need to put it in Nook?  Wait… I thought Smashwords took care of that…. It’s time to double check on the Nook.  What about marketing?  What will happen on Thursday?   Thursday will definitely be a busy day for me.

Someone gave me a bit of great advice.  “Be patient.  Everything will happen in time.”  I suppose patience is all that I am forced to have now.  Patience mixed with a lot of nerves.


Dream: A Poem



By Talin Mari

Sitting in my chair, wondering where you are,

Pondering in my chair, when will you be back?

My eyes feel heavy, I sink deep into the cushion,

My hands fall listlessly to my thighs, helpless.

I fight to stay awake, the night has not yet come,

I try to lift my eyelids, but the night has now won.


Why did you leave?


Where did you go?


Was it all a dream?

Dreaming the dreams,

Feeling the dreams,

Hearing the dreams,

Opening my eyes,

Realizing it’s you,

Leaving no more.

Why I went Indie

Why I Went Indie Pic

I think the hardest decision I have made is to determine whether I should self publish or go the traditional route.   This decision was so difficult for me that I edited my manuscript five times just so that I could postpone any final judgment in the matter.  Editing a manuscript five times, after my book was completed over a year ago, really shows how treacherous the pros and cons of the options have been in this process.  I did not make much of an effort to try to go the traditional route, sending out only a few query letters while I researched which path would be best for my convictions.

After a year of pondering over this subject, it finally hit me.  Why am I really writing?  I have a wonderful young adult fantasy fiction book, The Diamond Guardians, waiting to be read.  Waiting!  Yes, waiting!  No one had read it at that point in time because I had not made my decision.

I finally realized that the reason why I write is because it is my form of expression, the one I want to share with the world.  It is the painting that hangs in my own art gallery waiting to be critiqued.  It is the diamond that shines on my necklace waiting to be seen by other people.  It is my creation, a world in an author’s mind ready to be explored.

Self publishing allows me to have the freedom to write anything that I want to write.  My story will remain unchanged.  I know that the traditional publication path would have offered me a plethora of marketing options; however, it would have been too difficult for me to part with all the pieces in my book.  As it is, my perfectionist personality took care of the cuts in my book.  I could not bear to see more cuts being made.  The story would fall apart.

Needless to say, I wonder what Hemmingway would do if he were alive today?  Would his writings be the same if was a self published author?

I cannot say that I will never decide to take the traditional publication path, since everything in this world is constantly changing.  If everything stayed the same, the world would be a dull place without any stories for writers to write about or bloggers to discuss.

With that said, I hope you enjoy reading my artwork and cherish it like your own precious gem.

The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari will be released on July 9, 2015. 

Armenian Hope – A Poem



“Armenian Hope”

by Talin Mari

Time changes, history stands still,

We move forward, we remember.

Our souls unite as one entity,

A purpose, a vision, a reality.

Staying strong, never forgetting,

Leaving the weakness behind.

Time changes, history stands still,

We move forward, we remember.

Our history…

A plea for humanity…

Our ancestors…

Enduring the atrocity…

Our seeds…

Creating the future…

Our hope…

The New Beginning: Poetry


The New Beginning

By Talin Mari

Farewell to the tears shed over the bitter sorrow,

The grief, buried.

Farewell to the memories too hard to remember,

The anguish, forgotten.

Give rise to the new horizon of eternal gratitude,

The heart, gifted.

Give rise to the devote embrace of knowledge,

The mind, illuminated.

Welcome to the sweet innocence of the moment,

The tenderness, unexplained.

Welcome to the uncertainties of the dreams,

The stories, exceptional.

Farewell to the buried and forgotten.

Give rise to the gifted and illuminated.

Welcome to the unexplained and exceptional.

My Day as a Dog – Short Story


My Day as a Dog

By Talin Mari

                I watched my mommy looking at me when she came down the stairs.  I was too tired to lift my head.  I only opened my eyes and followed her movement.  She came over and stroked my head like she had always done in the morning.  Fine, I’ll wake up!

I watched my neighbor’s dog through the transparent fence.  The dog was not very nice to me.  He would growl and show his teeth whenever I peaked over to his side.   I think he needs some behavior training to mind his manners. Stop, I’ll growl back!

I watched my squirrel running up the walnut tree.  I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy.  All I know is that if I try to get close, the squirrel throws green hard balls at me.  My mommy calls it walnuts and had to nurse my aching back leg from it one time.  Stay, I’ll play ball!

I watched my mommy as she gave me clumps of food mixed in with hard pieces of cookies.  I really enjoy eating the softer food because I can swallow it before I even chew.  The cookies don’t taste like the ones I swipe off the coffee table.  Wait, I’ll have some more!

I watched my toy as it rolled away from me.  It’s a mixture of a ball and a furry piece of cloth.  It looks like a beaver that has a ball stuck in its stomach.  I wonder if beavers really do roll around on the floor like the one that I have at home.  Fetch, I’ll get the beaver before you can!

I watched my mommy turn off the light.  She stroked my head one more time.  She sat next to me and gave me a hug.  Then, she slowly walked up the stairs.  I was too tired to lift my head.  I only wagged my tail with happiness.  Good night, I’ll see you in the morning!

Katrina’s Diary – Entry 6 (Fantasy Fiction)


This diary depicts fictional events that have occurred a year prior to “The Diamond Guardians”© by Talin Mari… coming soon

November 20

My mom spent the entire day crying today.  As I walked in to her room this morning, she was sculpting away with tears in her eyes.  I sat on her bed trying to console her, but I also started to cry.  I miss my father.  I know she misses him as much as I do.

I really couldn’t do much.  My mom spent her day in her room sculpting her tears into unique creations.  I spent my day in my room too.  I was too heartbroken to go outside and explore.  I can’t believe he hasn’t been with us for three months now.  I keep waiting for my dad to open the living room door, but I know that will never happen.

*Katrina is a fictional character in The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari, to be released.   All entries for Katrina’s Diary are the property of the author, Talin Mari.  Events in the diary have fictionally occurred a year prior to the events depicted in the young adult fantasy fiction book, The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari.  Twitter @TalinMariWriter,,, Facebook Fan Page: Talin Mari – Writer.