Going Gluten Free: A Choice

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It is never easy to make a dramatic decision in one’s life.  However, when all the cards are stacked against you and you only have a handful left, you do what you need to so that you can get through the play.  The decision to go gluten-free is the same for any of us that have had to switch over to that lifestyle.    One has to make a choice based on all the information that one possesses. 

The benefits of a gluten free diet are different for everyone.   The three most common reasons to go gluten free that I have heard are to stop stomach pains, manage weight, or change behavioral patterns.   Personally, I think that a gluten free diet has helped me increase my energy level and live a more comfortable life.  It has also cleared the “fogginess” that I seemed to have all day.  Contrary to some people’s perceptions about gluten free diets, I needed to gain a healthy weight, not lose weight.  I did gain the weight because my body was finally able to absorb the necessary nutrients to sustain life. 

Regardless of the reason, whether a person reaps the benefits of the diet really depends on that person’s commitment, nutritional intake, and emotional health.   I have found that a Holistic approach to the gluten free diet is the most effective.  Exercise is a key component to supplementing the gluten free diet.  Exercise, in general and with a physician’s approval, can help increase a person’s energy level as well as that person’s self confidence. 

Another important factor in maximizing the benefits of the gluten free diet is to try and still eat healthy.  There are so many gluten free options today that there wasn’t five years ago.  Gluten free cookies may taste great, but they still are cookies and will have the same consequences as a regular cookie.   Moderation is a key factor in reaping the benefits of the diet and still maintaining a decent weight. 

It can be very hard to switch over to a gluten free diet.  It takes a lot of will and determination.  However, if someone is committed and does not cheat on the diet, that person will likely enjoy the benefits of the diet.   

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