A Blogger’s Quest: To Blog or Not to Blog?

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Sometimes, there are those days when expressing my ideas or sharing my experiences seems to be meaningless. My thoughts become jumbled up pieces of chaotic nonsense. Words pass through my mind like a car on a speedway. My mind is not empty, rather overloaded with gibberish. What do I do then? How do I overcome the chaos creating my blog block?

I really have two choices at that point: do I blog or do I not blog? It really depends on the circumstances.

If my mind is racing at 100 miles per hour, I may not even have the patience to sit, let alone write a blog. At that point, it is just better to move away from the computer and come back to it when my thoughts are more orderly.   This is my least favorite option. However, sometimes stepping aside from the blog until everything seems organized will produce a better piece of writing.

If my ideas are dispersed into a chaotic mixing bowl with each thought being distinctively separate, then, maybe, I can save some of those ideas. In this circumstance, I typically write down each one of my ideas in different documents and save them all. One of those ideas may actually develop into something intelligible.

Overcoming the blog block is not easy. It is important to be patient and let your mind create what it wants to create. Forcing ideas will only produce a tempest of forced words.




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