Being Green for Earth Day, Every Day

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Since the 1970s, people all over the world have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22.  It’s a day to evaluate our current environment and determine what we can do to help sustain its existence.  In the Twentieth Century, there were so many inventions developed that made our lives so much easier, such as the washing machine, automobile, among others.  The Twenty-First Century has just as promising a future with the rise in the sophistication of engineering and computer technology. 

Despite all of the positive technological advancements, there are man-made alterations that have not been seen as being favorable by many.  These are:

  1. Genetically Modified Foods – I know that science has allowed us the ability to create an abundance of food to sustain the livelihood of our increasing longevity.  However, our bodies are not meant to eat altered food.  For example, the alteration of wheat in the 1940s has resulted in so many people being diagnosed with gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity.  Although proponents of genetically modified foods claim the methods of food alteration are safe, how do they know it’s really safe?  It’s like cloning human babies and saying that it’s normal.
  2. Air Pollution – There have been great strides towards reducing air pollution in the United States.  According to the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency, air pollution has decreased significantly since the implementation of the Clean Air Act in 1970.  People are turning to greener forms of energy, such as solar and electric.  Hybrid and electric car companies have successfully marketed the idea of owning an electric car as being trendy.  Tesla is a great example of the trendiness of electric cars with its “not-so-cheap” pure electric sport sedan.  The trends in the reduction of air pollution need to continue so that we can continue to advance our technological capabilities without causing great harm to the environment. 
  3. Garbage – We all have “stuff” that gets old and needs to be thrown out.  If we don’t throw away anything, our homes would look like those of hoarders.  Instead of throwing things away, there are many great charities that would gladly accept clothing or furniture.  If the item you want to donate is unacceptable to charities due to its condition, try to see if you can recycle it.  Another way to help the environment is by reducing the amount of paper plates and plastic utensils that one utilizes.  I know a number of families that are pressed for time and opt for the easily disposed of paper and plastic dinnerware.  It may be hard to switch to traditional plates and utensils.  However, if a family that constantly uses paper and plastic dinnerware decides to wash their dishes a couple of times a week, it would be better for the environment than what they were previously doing.  Everything matters.

The advancement of society is important, but we need to ensure that we are protecting the planet that we live in as well.   We need to ensure that the food we eat is natural, the air we breathe is clean, and the environment that we live is minimally harmed.  Happy Earth Day! 




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