Stress is Best- What?

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When I was in high school, one of my teachers asked me what my favorite thing was in life.  With my Type A personality at my side, I truthfully answered, “I love stress!”  Looking back at those days, I have to say: “really?”  What was I thinking?  Stress does not need to be overwhelming in order to achieve what one wants in life if that goal is truly something that one loves to do.

Exploration is an essential part of discovering the different opportunities that exist.  Some students may not enjoy going to school, but school helps show students the different fields of study that are available to many.  Without an education, how would someone become a doctor if that person does not even understand the human anatomy?  An education provides the tool that we can use to achieve our personal best.   It is a time of learning, whether it is learning to play an instrument or the rules of a football game.   It is a time of exploration.

Creativity is also important.  There are structured ways of doing everything, such as writing an essay or a poem.  What would happen if you change those rules a little to express your individuality?  Do I have to have a thesis with three supporting paragraphs for this blog? Hmm…. Is writing “hmm…” even allowed?  There are no two people alike.  Thinking outside of the narrow walls of structure will help us contribute to society with our newly found innovative ways in science and the language arts, among other fields.

Back to my topic about stress, it’s important to do what you love to do.  If you are happy in the field that you have chosen to pursue, whether it is writing or accounting, the stress may exist, but it will not be overbearing.  The hours you spend achieving that goal will not feel like an eternity.  No one really loves stress.  What was I possibly thinking?

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