Please… I Need to Write!

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All I ever want to do is to spend moments of my day writing….  How hard can that be?  How hard can it be to devote at least one hour in the day to my dear laptop?

Unless I live in a utopian world, my reality does not meet my desires.  I would have to quit my job and become a free spirit to write all that I want to write.  Unfortunately, I would blind myself from the realities of today and, perhaps, lose the muse that makes me yearn to touch the slippery keys of my delicate laptop.

Since the realities of today seem to halt my desires to scream out words, I am forced to find my cave that shelters my ideas.  This is the place where ideas freely float and create a movie in my mind.  It creates a projection of little stories that somehow weave themselves into a colorful story about someone or something.

This cave can be anywhere.  It can be in my office, among the stillness of the books staring jealously as I type away.  The cave can be surrounding my car with ideas chattering away at my ears while I drive.  All I can do is hope that I remember all that is said when I get back to my devoted laptop.  It can be in the grocery store, helping me observe people with their own mini-stories.  My cave can be anywhere as long as those thoughts, the really good thoughts, stay with me when I return to my hard shelled friend, my laptop.

Yes, all that I ever want to do is to stroke the delicate keys of my laptop with words that link together to form their unique story.  The obstacles of the day are what make my desire to write stronger, deeper, and irreversible….

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