A Writer’s Freeway of Thoughts

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I sit at my desk writing with an orderly freeway of thoughts, continuous and in beautiful synchronization.  These thoughts magnify with each second that passes.  They create a beautiful harmony of words.

Then, all of a sudden, amidst the flowing freeway of thoughts, there is the one distraction that causes the thoughts to rapidly move into chaotic directions.  I try to hold on and find my way back to the normalcy of my orderly freeway.   I start to think back to the time when the distraction was a mere car driving in its own path.

How can I divert the distraction to the take the right path?

Thinking… thinking… thinking.

Nothing seems to work.  I start to enjoy letting my mind wander in its blissful chaos of thoughts.

Should I let the chaos consume me?

The euphoria of the distraction hinders me from reaching my destination.  Driving circles in my mind, the thoughts overpower my desire to do anything.  “It’s fun!” shouts out the distracting thought.  I sit and let my mind wander into its colorful world.

Wandering… wandering… wandering.

They cause me to procrastinate, these thrill loving freeway of thoughts….

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