The Truth? About the Letter V

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There are many meanings to most words, but how many letters are there in the English alphabet that have numerous meanings? I suppose the letter A is notorious for being placed on the top of every list.  I can’t imagine a world without such an A-list type of letter that seems to be the most wanted grade by most school children.

What about the other letters? There are the standard grade letters from A through F, with F seeming to position itself as the least liked of all the letters… unless you really mean to fail!

One of the most visible letters in our everyday lives seems to be the unknown that has inched its way up to the top of the alphabet. The letter V has managed to position itself as an A-list letter.  Unlike the letter A, the letter V does not get as much valor when it comes to being known as being the best.  However, the letter V has somehow managed to creep up to become its own sensation.

These are some of the many meanings of the letter V:

  • Peace: When people make a V with their index and middle fingers with their palm facing outwards, it often represents peace and a hope for prosperity.
  • Victory:   With the same hand gesture as the one made for peace, the V shape is interpreted as meaning victory.
  • Insult: In some countries, the letter V with the palm facing inwards (the opposite of the hand gesture for peace and victory) is an insult.
  • Science Fiction Television Series: The letter V made its debut as a television series in the United States in 2009.
  • Verified: How many people on Twitter want to be verified? The letter V or, as some call it, the check mark is a desired goal for many Twitter users. V, in this instance, represents more than the ability to access Twitter analytics. It is an exclusivity that draws people to follow someone’s Twitter account.
  • Verisign: The letter V has become a logo for the internet domain and security company, Verisign. It’s not uncommon to see this letter on the bottom of many websites marketing goods for sale.

Although the letter V may not be at the top of its class, it has managed to squeeze its way to the top.  With its many meanings and wide usage in society, the letter V symbolizes that anything or anyone at the bottom of the list can truly climb up to the ladder of success and recognition.

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