“The Unknown” Poetically

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“The Unknown”

by Talin Mari

Stillness in the night,

Stillness in my soul,

Coldly, I stroll along,

The path unknown.


The dark night kissing,

The dark willow tree,

Fearful, I begin to run,

Pushing away its leaves.


Swallowed by the tree,

Swallowed by its embrace,

Unwillingly, I succumb,

Listless, I ask for grace.


Motionless, I cannot give in,

Motionless, I no longer wait,

Anxiously, I begin to shake,

I tear the leaves to my escape.


Finally, I feel the freedom,

Finally, I see the horizon,

Happily, the golden sun rises,

The darkness withers away.


My sun, the golden sun,

My hope, the lighted road,

Eagerly, holding my hand,

Guides me to my path.


The End….

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