My Day as a Dog – Short Story

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My Day as a Dog

By Talin Mari

                I watched my mommy looking at me when she came down the stairs.  I was too tired to lift my head.  I only opened my eyes and followed her movement.  She came over and stroked my head like she had always done in the morning.  Fine, I’ll wake up!

I watched my neighbor’s dog through the transparent fence.  The dog was not very nice to me.  He would growl and show his teeth whenever I peaked over to his side.   I think he needs some behavior training to mind his manners. Stop, I’ll growl back!

I watched my squirrel running up the walnut tree.  I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy.  All I know is that if I try to get close, the squirrel throws green hard balls at me.  My mommy calls it walnuts and had to nurse my aching back leg from it one time.  Stay, I’ll play ball!

I watched my mommy as she gave me clumps of food mixed in with hard pieces of cookies.  I really enjoy eating the softer food because I can swallow it before I even chew.  The cookies don’t taste like the ones I swipe off the coffee table.  Wait, I’ll have some more!

I watched my toy as it rolled away from me.  It’s a mixture of a ball and a furry piece of cloth.  It looks like a beaver that has a ball stuck in its stomach.  I wonder if beavers really do roll around on the floor like the one that I have at home.  Fetch, I’ll get the beaver before you can!

I watched my mommy turn off the light.  She stroked my head one more time.  She sat next to me and gave me a hug.  Then, she slowly walked up the stairs.  I was too tired to lift my head.  I only wagged my tail with happiness.  Good night, I’ll see you in the morning!

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