Choices to Success

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We all make choices. Whether these choices are logical or illogical, they make us the product of who we have become. I can sit here and write about a really good book I read or a great movie that I saw; instead, I sit here writing about the all elusive world of choices that we live, breathe, and devour every day of our lives.


We are taught that there are the good or bad choices. What happened to the choices that are in the grey area? The choices that are questionable, but not rejectable. Regardless of what the decisions to those choices were, they still created who we are today.


This article is not about trying to figure out what choice to make, but rather to accept the fact that it is made. With acceptance, we can evaluate whether we want to continue on the same path or try something different.


No one in this world is perfect. Perfection is unattainable and to try and achieve perfection would only create misery in the end. The best thing to do is to accept our mistakes and improve upon those decisions in the future. A slight shift in perspective can change our guided path to success or what we deem to be success.


If we want to become great executives, artists, writers, or star employees, then we need try to become the greatness that we desire; however, we will make several mistakes along our path. We will improve on those mistakes as long as we recognize them, embrace them, and analyze how to shift them into a more positive direction. It is with recognition of our weaknesses that we can change them to our strengths. Perhaps, it is as easy as taking a class in a local community college.


Sitting at home as a dreamer will never amount to anything other than empty dreams. We all have a bit of us that craves becoming a dreamer. I have it just as much as the person next to me. It is the choices that we make that takes us out of the dreaming state and makes us move it to the state of reality. The more we know about who we are and our direction in life, the clearer that reality becomes and the dreams begin to actualize.


The next time a choice is made, think about it as being a choice that will lead you one step closer to your dream or your goal. Anything is attainable. Patience and perseverance are guides in that path towards your own excellence.



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