Lania’s Awakening – Episode 1, Fantasy Fiction Story

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Lania’s Awakening by Talin Mari

Lania woke up.  Her scarred legs mangled in a web of ivy. The volcanic explosions could be heard in the background with the ashes falling over her purple hair.    Lania cut off the ivy from her legs with the knife that she had used for the battle.

She slowly stood up and wiped the blood off of her forehead.  A boulder had fallen from the sky when the volcano exploded hitting Lania in the head.   Looking around, Lania could see the innumerable amount of casualties.

The island looked deserted.  Only a few people were found hiding behind a tree.  They ran away as Lania got near them.  Lania was still dazed by the blow to her head.

A shadow whisked in front of Lania.  The thickness of the fog dissipating as she saw the dark shadow surround her. Lania’s looked down at her heart. She saw a red ruby glowing from inside her.  The strength. The courage.  The fear.  Illuminating. Overpowering the shadow’s darkness, bringing color to the shadow.

Lania raised her heart towards the sky and let the light from the red ruby burn a hole in the atmosphere.  She glowed in red while her purple hair became neon purple with blackened edges. Her scars healed with a golden glow. She knew there was something different about her.  Lania was supernatural.

Augutus and Rivertina were awakening among the darkened ashes that covered them.  They looked up to see Lania’s ruby heart glowing….

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*This story is the sole property of Talin Mari.  No reproduction is authorized.  Talin Mari’s consent must be obtained for any material copied or adapted from this story or any others written by Talin Mari.

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