Lania’s Awakening – Episode 2, Fantasy Fiction Story

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Lania’s Awakening – Episode 2 by Talin Mari

Augustus took a glimpse of Lania.  Her torn jeans and worn, black printed tank top were burnt on the edges from the volcanic explosion.  He faced her as she glowed in her newly turned red skin.  The vintage ring Lania wore illuminated the red hue of her skin.

Lania peered into Augustus’ eyes.


“You’re different.”

Lania looked at the glow coming from her fingertips.  She reached out to touch Augustus’ face.  He jumped back as her glowing hands touched his face.

“I’m sorry… what did I do?”

Augustus turned and looked the other way.

As Lania got closer to Augustus, he stepped back.  Her electric currents were too strong for him to handle.  She had to control the electrical currents that were flowing out of her fingertips.

“Get away,” yelled Augustus to Rivertina.

“Why?” Rivertina cried out as she started moving away from Lania.

“She’s different.”

Rivertina did not want to examine Lania and ran away from Lania and the volcano.

“I don’t understand it. I woke up and… and there was a red glow coming from me.”

“You’re different. That’s all.”

Lania’s heart settled down with Augustus’ comfort.  As she reached out to grab his hand, the electrical currents died down.   Lania was finally able to hold his hand.

“We need to find our people,” said Lania.  “I don’t know if any of them made it out alive.”

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Root Beer Barrel Candy


*This story is the sole property of Talin Mari.  No reproduction is authorized.  Talin Mari’s consent must be obtained for any material copied or adapted from this story or any others written by Talin Mari.


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