Lania’s Awakening – Episode 3, Fantasy Fiction Story

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Lania’s Awakening – Episode 3

by Talin Mari

Neono’s Rule

Five years before the destruction of Serena, a new government had taken over the country.  Their leader, Neono, was known for his charismatic influence over the people.  Neono was a very handsome leader.  He often wore stylish t-shirts with an arrow pendant necklace that was given to him by his father.

Neono had conflicting motives.  He preached prosperity, but caused his people to live in impoverished conditions. Children were often found on the streets begging for bread and drinks while their mothers worked at the animal fighting gambling houses run by the government.

The men under Neono’s rule were each given their own homes to live in as freely as they could.  Often times, the men would find companionship with the women living in a communal home in the center of Serena.  Women were only used for the purposes of caring for the children and working in the gambling houses.   They lived in slum conditions and were mistreated, raped, and not allowed to hold positions of power.

Lania and and Augustus had met in a gambling house.  Lania was only twenty-five and childless, while Augustus was thirty-two.   They remembered an era where there was no dictatorship.


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*This story is the sole property of Talin Mari.  No reproduction is authorized.  Talin Mari’s consent must be obtained for any material copied or adapted from this story or any others written by Talin Mari.

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