Marching for Sorrow – A Poem for Humanity


Marching for Sorrow

By Talin Mari


Through the depths of desperation, I walk with hope.

Through the hills, lifelessly abandoned, I nod my head.

What is to become of the life that I once loved so dear?

What is to happen to all those that lived without fear?


I walk with my head hung low.

I walk as my legs endlessly ache.

I walk because I have no choice.


Hope begins to fade as I hear the echoes of my steps.

Hope becomes my enemy as I see many fall behind me.

When will I wake from this day that I feel will be my last?

When will I next hear the precious laugh of my daughter?


My heart aches from the emptiness.

My heart aches from the lives lost.

My heart aches because of my pain.


Secretly, I remember how I had hidden my precious love.

Secretly, I remember how I told my neighbor where she was.

Would the neighbor save my only love left, my young child?

Would she feel the kindness in her heart, despite her leader?


My mind drifts among the hills.

My mind empties among fear.

My mind hurts when it thinks.


“Stop!” the man yells with an overpowering mocking holler.

“Stop!” the man approaches us with his sword unleashed.

Am I to see the day of light again among my favorite friends?

Am I to walk among these hills again with my love, my child?


Silence surrounds me.

Silence fills these hills.

Silence is within me.


Goodbye my love….


The End

Reflections of a Wanderer Poem


Reflections of a Wanderer

by Talin Mari


Gentle winds embrace my soul.

Gentle waves entice my heart.

Gentle sounds flutter my ears.

Gentle steps seduce my legs.


Each place,

Each moment,

Each dream.


Unfulfilled desires found.


Waiting to leave at any time.

Waiting to explore tonight.

Waiting to stop the torture.

Waiting for a new discovery.


Each space,

Each second,

Each fantasy.


Unfulfilled cravings resolved.


Gently moving with haste.

Waiting becomes the past.

Gently without waiting.

Waiting to come to life.


The End

Irresistible, Chocolatey Social Media


It seems like every day that passes, I continue eating more of my chocolate with lots of sprinkles….


Tweet… tweet… tweet…. We have become so accustomed to the incoming noises of social media notifications.  Silence has become obsolete with the expansion of the technological social venues.  It has become hard to leave the house without a smart phone.  Very few people in first world countries do not possess this product that many of us deem as being inseparable with our daily lives.

There was a time when going outside and playing with the neighbors was a frequent activity.  Nowadays, texting and sending social media messages have replaced this archaic activity.  How many people find it hard not to have a normal meal in a restaurant without checking their phones?  It’s like having chocolate in front of you and being told not to eat it!  The temptation is too great to resist….

Yes, social media has become our chocolate.  The sprinkles on our chocolate are the likes or favorites. …

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Why Now? Writer or Not


We all go through a phase when life takes over.  The unexpected takes priority and it becomes a feat to make us move out of the ditch that we have found ourselves, immobile and helpless. Maybe that happens to be a little too dramatic, but it sure feels like a ditch full of cement that has immobilized us from moving forward.  These moments offer us a time of reflection.  A time to decide whether the choices we have made are correct.  When everything seems to be perfect is when this unexpected creeps in and all we can say is, “why now”?


I read an article where the author said that a true writer should be able to write 5,000 words per day.  In an idealistic world, full of butterflies, serene landscapes, and creeks, I suppose that would be true.  Unfortunately, we live in a world of ever changing ideas and situations.  We learn to adapt to these changes, but our love of writing is put on hold when other priorities knock it into the ditch.


Writing evolves.  It not only evolves while we edit, as many may infer, but it also evolves as we grow older and we learn through our experiences.  It is most important that we do not decide that there really is cement in the ditch.  It is important to realize that the event that put our writing on hold may really be the inspiration to our next creation… our next work of art.  After all, writing is like art because it is an expression of the moment and all the experiences that create that moment.


Do not let anyone stop you from writing.  The ditch that you may have fallen in is only temporary.  Believe in yourself and in your love of writing so that you can break free from the cement that is holding you in place….

Rise – A Poem to Unchain the Soul



by Talin Mari


Days pass as we come to realize,

The moments we shared are gone.

Days pass as we quite slowly rise,

From the tears we wept till dawn.


It is said that you will never leave,

You are bound to me for eternity.

It is said that you are what I perceive,

Your vicious intentions haunt me.


I have risen above these shackles,

You have tried to chain on my soul.

I have risen above the recollections,

You have tried to bury in the hole.



Break these chains.


Embrace memories.


Live life unchained.


I am now strong again,

I will be able to dream….


Kiss My Hand: Poetic Fury


“Kiss my Hand”

By Talin Mari


Kiss my hand, kiss my soul,

Let the acid burn this hole.

Leave me be, leave me out,

I have nothing left to doubt.

Kiss my hand, kiss my soul,

Let the lies begin to unfold.


Transparency is unknown,

A word, not really shown.

Kindness is only expected,

A gesture, not reciprocated.


Kiss my hand, kiss my soul,

Let the tears reveal its hold.

Untie my heart, untie myself,

It is I who stays on this shelf.

Kiss my hand, kiss my soul,

Unleash the truth to be told.

Silently Waiting: Poetic Expression


Silently Waiting

By Talin Mari


Staying silent, thinking that time will standstill,

I wait to stay unnoticed by all that will fulfill.

Suppressed in my heart, a yearning to creep out,

The shell I created cannot easily break apart.

Shadows around me slowly rise to the heavens,

While I wait silently, the years passing hasten.


Break the shell,

Break the indecision,

Break the words that hold me back,

Break the barriers that I cannot hack.


Staying silent, embracing my avenue of inhibition,

I realize my thick shell will hinder my composition.

Suppressed in my heart, watching it slowly collide,

The colors and shapes lose their once unique side.

Images become clear as I slowly glide forward,

No longer waiting, the years entice me aboard.


Reveal the hope, no longer hidden by my silence,

Reveal the life, once lost in the shadows waiting.

Breaking the silence, no longer waiting indefinitely,

Revealing my words, joining each sentence uniquely.