Book Lover’s Poem

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Book Lover

by Talin Mari


Without anyone knowing,

I learn to read with passion.

Without anyone caring,

I caress your binding words.


I hold you close to my heart,

A story in every chapter I read.

I imagine the tales in my mind,

A story of loss and of glory.


Creating a fantasy world,

Where imagination is valued.

Creating a playground for hope,

Where wars do not matter.


I cherish all of your sentences,

Word by word they deliver.

I cherish your unique cover,

Words make up its outer layer.


I steal the silence from your book,

I instill the silence in my soul.

I steal the laughter and the love,

I instill it in my heart as I read.


Recommended Book Complementing the Poem: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 

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