Unrestricted Poetry – Stopping Censorship of Words


Unrestricted Poetry

by Talin Mari

How can I write poetry when I know it will be read?

How can I put words on a page that will be criticized?

Censorship is an unspoken weighted chain on a writer’s pen.

Censorship is the undesired halt of all creative beginnings.

If I write the words that must be read because they are truths,

If I write these words without any type of coerced inhibition,

Will you stop them from reflecting the world around us?

Will you change them to fit your own form of poetry?

My words belong to me…

My voice is my identity…

My heart pours out in words…

My soul drifts freely in poetry…



Choices to Success



We all make choices. Whether these choices are logical or illogical, they make us the product of who we have become. I can sit here and write about a really good book I read or a great movie that I saw; instead, I sit here writing about the all elusive world of choices that we live, breathe, and devour every day of our lives.


We are taught that there are the good or bad choices. What happened to the choices that are in the grey area? The choices that are questionable, but not rejectable. Regardless of what the decisions to those choices were, they still created who we are today.


This article is not about trying to figure out what choice to make, but rather to accept the fact that it is made. With acceptance, we can evaluate whether we want to continue on the same path or try something different.


No one in this world is perfect. Perfection is unattainable and to try and achieve perfection would only create misery in the end. The best thing to do is to accept our mistakes and improve upon those decisions in the future. A slight shift in perspective can change our guided path to success or what we deem to be success.


If we want to become great executives, artists, writers, or star employees, then we need try to become the greatness that we desire; however, we will make several mistakes along our path. We will improve on those mistakes as long as we recognize them, embrace them, and analyze how to shift them into a more positive direction. It is with recognition of our weaknesses that we can change them to our strengths. Perhaps, it is as easy as taking a class in a local community college.


Sitting at home as a dreamer will never amount to anything other than empty dreams. We all have a bit of us that craves becoming a dreamer. I have it just as much as the person next to me. It is the choices that we make that takes us out of the dreaming state and makes us move it to the state of reality. The more we know about who we are and our direction in life, the clearer that reality becomes and the dreams begin to actualize.


The next time a choice is made, think about it as being a choice that will lead you one step closer to your dream or your goal. Anything is attainable. Patience and perseverance are guides in that path towards your own excellence.



Silently Waiting: Poetic Expression


Silently Waiting

By Talin Mari


Staying silent, thinking that time will standstill,

I wait to stay unnoticed by all that will fulfill.

Suppressed in my heart, a yearning to creep out,

The shell I created cannot easily break apart.

Shadows around me slowly rise to the heavens,

While I wait silently, the years passing hasten.


Break the shell,

Break the indecision,

Break the words that hold me back,

Break the barriers that I cannot hack.


Staying silent, embracing my avenue of inhibition,

I realize my thick shell will hinder my composition.

Suppressed in my heart, watching it slowly collide,

The colors and shapes lose their once unique side.

Images become clear as I slowly glide forward,

No longer waiting, the years entice me aboard.


Reveal the hope, no longer hidden by my silence,

Reveal the life, once lost in the shadows waiting.

Breaking the silence, no longer waiting indefinitely,

Revealing my words, joining each sentence uniquely.

“If” in a Different Perspective




By Talin Mari


If I could…

If I could fly, I would soar high into the sky. I would fly over the Empire State Building.  I would touch the pointed needle on the building to see whether it is really sharp or just an illusion.

If I could climb without any tools, I would climb the trees in the rainforest. I would climb to the top effortlessly and confidently.  I would peer into the rainforest like any jungle monkey and grab a vine to swing from tree to tree.

If I could sing with an angelic voice, I would perform in an opera house. I would sing in every language, understanding and feeling all the phrases that float like bubbles out of my mouth.  I would rise to the tips of my toes as my voice gently flows into the room with no form of shyness.

If I could be a flower, I would be a rose. I would smell so sweet that no one would resist putting me on display.  I would listen and hear the love that surrounds those that gave and received the rose.  I would hear their story and it would be mine to keep in the calm tranquility of my beautiful vase.

If I could be, I would be me. The flying, the climbing, the singing, the flower are all a part of me.  There is no if….

A Writer’s Freeway of Thoughts



I sit at my desk writing with an orderly freeway of thoughts, continuous and in beautiful synchronization.  These thoughts magnify with each second that passes.  They create a beautiful harmony of words.

Then, all of a sudden, amidst the flowing freeway of thoughts, there is the one distraction that causes the thoughts to rapidly move into chaotic directions.  I try to hold on and find my way back to the normalcy of my orderly freeway.   I start to think back to the time when the distraction was a mere car driving in its own path.

How can I divert the distraction to the take the right path?

Thinking… thinking… thinking.

Nothing seems to work.  I start to enjoy letting my mind wander in its blissful chaos of thoughts.

Should I let the chaos consume me?

The euphoria of the distraction hinders me from reaching my destination.  Driving circles in my mind, the thoughts overpower my desire to do anything.  “It’s fun!” shouts out the distracting thought.  I sit and let my mind wander into its colorful world.

Wandering… wandering… wandering.

They cause me to procrastinate, these thrill loving freeway of thoughts….