Censorship – Poetry



by Talin Mari


My words will never be censored,

They will echo in everyone’s ears.

My words will tell all the stories,

The ones that no one wants to hear.


My words are the truths that I see,

They are hidden among the crowd.

My words paint a colorful picture,

The ones that look clearer at night.


Censorship breeds hate in this world,

Acceptance is a word we must know.

Censorship breeds lack of innovation,

Acceptance is the path to our liberty.



Craving the Written Word



Feelings… emotions… desires.…

Lately, I have had a deep desire to write poetry for my blogs.  Although it is customary for me to write an essay type of a blog with my opinions, writing is an art that involves all forms of expression.  One can communicate with an informative article or an emotional poem.  Writing is more than just an expression.  It is a feeling.  It is a way to communicate one’s happiness or utter despair.  The biggest mistake one can make in writing is not to feel what is written.  With my feelings ready to be released, this blog will end with a few poetic lines.


Yearning for the Pen by Talin Mari

How many hours are left in the day?

How much time do we have to spare?

I crave that moment to be all alone,

I desire that instance when I can say,

All my words, though some do not dare,

All my thoughts, ready to be grown.

These are the seconds I hold true,

These are the times I feel for you.