Love Beyond War’s Destiny Poem


Love Beyond War’s Destiny

by Talin Mari


There are love stories that last a lifetime,

Our love story has stayed true to the heart’s chime.

When I met you, your eyes studied me,

The softness of your iris blended with the blue sea.


The moments we shared were timeless,

Walking among the evergreens with a soft caress.

The leaves embracing our every stride,

Fondly, we found our way to the park bench satisfied.


Your soft lips,

Your gentle touch,

Your endless embrace,




Love with infinite chimes.


Gently holding my hands masked with tears,

You told me you would depart for only a few years.

The love burning inside me feeling despair,

Knowing that you would never return from warfare.


The skies were covered with red smoke,

The evergreens that transformed into veins broke.

Blood dripped to the floor with reality,

Knowing that your doomed fate was a possibility.


Tragedy haunted me,

Tragedy destroyed my soul,

Tragedy created my warped destiny.


I held your hand as you kissed me goodbye,

My love story had become an incomplete lullaby.

Slowly you slid your hand away from mine,

Realizing that you had to leave for war this time.


I fell to the floor marked by my red tears,

The skies darkened as I became limp with fears.

My heart beat faster as I knew your destiny,

Becoming one with mine as we reunited eternally.


Love in the evergreens,

Love fallen, but found,

Love with its chime.

Love, only love…

Poetry for Time, the Soul, and Love


Time for the Soul
by Talin Mari

Time calms the tumultuous soul,
Creating echoes of distant waves.
Time heals the hurtful exchanges,
Creating memories with its words.

Despite feeling the calming tides,
The new time is no longer the same.
Despite hearing the healing words,
The new time is only a fake reality.

With time, change is only desired,
With time, living means to be alive,
With time, freedom is yearned for,
With time, love is the only solution.

Life changes the events set in time,
Life moves the soul unexpectedly,
Life finds the hidden puzzled love,
Life evolves our bewildered souls.

The End

Young Lady – Poetry


Young Lady
By Talin Mari

In the distance, next to the tree,
I found a young girl with dreams.
She sat there, playing with dolls,
Not trying to unearth their faults.

Her timid innocence, enchanting,
Her quiet laughter, overpowering,
Her joyful playfulness, energizing.

In the distance, next to the tree,
There was a young girl, now a lady,
She sits there today, reading a story,
With pages guiding her past history.

Her volcanic spirit, constrained,
Her vibrant laughter, silenced,
Her lively playfulness, subdued.

In the distance, next to the tree,
There sat a young girl and a lady,
Not sitting, but dancing happily,
She discovered her inner beauty.

The End

Wake Me – A Poem


Wake Me

By Talin Mari


Wake up, sweet soul,

Wake up, sweet misery,

Wake my heart today.


Worn out, weak limbs,

Worn out, feeble mind,

Worn with stories to tell.


Enlighten, my dull life,

Enlighten, my aspirations,

Enlighten with desires.


Ignite, my curious mind,

Ignite, my cold breath,

Ignite to give back my life.


Live – A Poem



By Talin Mari

Pick up and move forward, the night is still young.

Pick up and move forward, our lives have now begun.

With every whisper, with every calculated speech,

We remember the past, leaving it behind to teach.

We live in the moment, running beyond the horizon,

Memories are left behind, collecting dust in its own bin.

Move forward. I believe.

Run forward. I succeed.

Live. I thrive….