Avant-Garde Writer – Poem


Avant-Garde Writer

By Talin Mari


I write in the dark like the avant-garde,

Moving from café to café without regard.

With my coffee cup always on my side,

I write feverishly throughout the night.


My dreams and ambitions floating about,

One word at a time I think is only allowed.

Chaos forms as I think of the past times,

Write, write, write them all in these lines.


No longer caring about a given structure,

I am the avant-garde destined to revolt.

The rhymes becomes non-existent here,

As I realize that it is I that am the change.


Rise up and create your own destination,

Be your own life’s unconventional rebel.

These are the thoughts that run rampant,

As I write in the dark like an avant-garde.


Poetry, My Muse – Feeling Your Writing


Many times, it can be hard to focus my energy on writing. With all the distractions in any given day, how can it be possible to sit at a desk and type? It can become restrictive at times and, undeniably, unproductive. I found that writing poetry has been my greatest tool to keep me focused. It helps me feel my story and my characters. It is my muse as I describe in my poem below.

Poetry, My Muse
By Talin Mari

If poetry is my muse,
My pen is my guide,
My heart is the story,
My pain is the plot.

If poetry is my muse,
Characters live in dreams,
Mystical worlds appear,
Creativity meets reality.

If poetry is my muse,
Love stories are imagined,
Abuse is violently dreaded,
Kindness is only rewarded.

If poetry is my muse,
My words become stories,
My thoughts become real,
My feelings become people.

Marching for Sorrow – A Poem for Humanity


Marching for Sorrow

By Talin Mari


Through the depths of desperation, I walk with hope.

Through the hills, lifelessly abandoned, I nod my head.

What is to become of the life that I once loved so dear?

What is to happen to all those that lived without fear?


I walk with my head hung low.

I walk as my legs endlessly ache.

I walk because I have no choice.


Hope begins to fade as I hear the echoes of my steps.

Hope becomes my enemy as I see many fall behind me.

When will I wake from this day that I feel will be my last?

When will I next hear the precious laugh of my daughter?


My heart aches from the emptiness.

My heart aches from the lives lost.

My heart aches because of my pain.


Secretly, I remember how I had hidden my precious love.

Secretly, I remember how I told my neighbor where she was.

Would the neighbor save my only love left, my young child?

Would she feel the kindness in her heart, despite her leader?


My mind drifts among the hills.

My mind empties among fear.

My mind hurts when it thinks.


“Stop!” the man yells with an overpowering mocking holler.

“Stop!” the man approaches us with his sword unleashed.

Am I to see the day of light again among my favorite friends?

Am I to walk among these hills again with my love, my child?


Silence surrounds me.

Silence fills these hills.

Silence is within me.


Goodbye my love….


The End

My Day as a Dog – Short Story


My Day as a Dog

By Talin Mari

                I watched my mommy looking at me when she came down the stairs.  I was too tired to lift my head.  I only opened my eyes and followed her movement.  She came over and stroked my head like she had always done in the morning.  Fine, I’ll wake up!

I watched my neighbor’s dog through the transparent fence.  The dog was not very nice to me.  He would growl and show his teeth whenever I peaked over to his side.   I think he needs some behavior training to mind his manners. Stop, I’ll growl back!

I watched my squirrel running up the walnut tree.  I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy.  All I know is that if I try to get close, the squirrel throws green hard balls at me.  My mommy calls it walnuts and had to nurse my aching back leg from it one time.  Stay, I’ll play ball!

I watched my mommy as she gave me clumps of food mixed in with hard pieces of cookies.  I really enjoy eating the softer food because I can swallow it before I even chew.  The cookies don’t taste like the ones I swipe off the coffee table.  Wait, I’ll have some more!

I watched my toy as it rolled away from me.  It’s a mixture of a ball and a furry piece of cloth.  It looks like a beaver that has a ball stuck in its stomach.  I wonder if beavers really do roll around on the floor like the one that I have at home.  Fetch, I’ll get the beaver before you can!

I watched my mommy turn off the light.  She stroked my head one more time.  She sat next to me and gave me a hug.  Then, she slowly walked up the stairs.  I was too tired to lift my head.  I only wagged my tail with happiness.  Good night, I’ll see you in the morning!

Katrina’s Diary – Entry 4 (Fantasy Fiction)


This diary depicts fictional events that have occurred a year prior to “The Diamond Guardians”© by Talin Mari… coming soon

October 24

Today was the best day ever!

I was on my usual hike when I ran into Robbie. I hadn’t seen Robbie for over a month!  He was hanging out next to the creek.  I couldn’t believe anyone was there.  He hugged me so tightly that I could hear crackling noises from my bones.

He said that he drove up to my neighborhood so that he could see me. Robbie figured I would be next to the creek.  It’s my favorite hang out spot after the rains.  It only seems to rain a few times a year and I like to take advantage of the streams it produces near my house.

We sat next to the creek and talked about college. I told him that I planned on applying to UCLA, Occidental College and Pepperdine University.  I don’t want to go too far from home.  I want to stay close to my mom, especially after everything she’s gone through.

Robbie promised to take me to Malibu this weekend. He’s going to have his dad run it by my mom.  I hope she says it’s ok.  I really need a break.  I think that the next time he stops by I will take him to the cave that I discovered a couple of days ago.

*Katrina is a fictional character in The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari, to be released.   All entries for Katrina’s Diary are the property of the author, Talin Mari.  Events in the diary have fictionally occurred a year prior to the events depicted in the young adult fantasy fiction book, The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari.  Twitter @TalinMariWriter, www.talinmari.com, www.talinmariblogs.com, Facebook Fan Page: Talin Mari – Writer.