Countdown to Self-Publishing

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With my release date for “The Diamond Guardians” just around the corner, I feel a mix of anxiety and excitement.  It reminds me of the first time I started blogging.

My first blog changed so many times.  I wrote several blogs, but none of them seemed to be the right one.  Finally, I wrote the blog that I thought would be worthy of posting, but, then, the anticipation set in.  My heart beat quickly while I constantly checked my smartphone for new followers, Twitter retweets and favorites, and Facebook likes.  A Facebook share would have been a bonus as my eyes did not seem to leave my social media venues.

Similarly, Thursday is the release of my first young adult fantasy fiction book and I am torn inside from excitement and anxiety.  All I can think of is whether I am on the right path.  Is my print book ready for Amazon? Yes, check!  Is my Kindle version uploaded? Yes, check!  Do I have it in Smashwords?  Almost there, check.  Do I need to put it in Nook?  Wait… I thought Smashwords took care of that…. It’s time to double check on the Nook.  What about marketing?  What will happen on Thursday?   Thursday will definitely be a busy day for me.

Someone gave me a bit of great advice.  “Be patient.  Everything will happen in time.”  I suppose patience is all that I am forced to have now.  Patience mixed with a lot of nerves.


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