The Strength in Being You

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Throughout history, spectacular people have contributed to society by not being part of the norm.  Almost everyone has heard of Albert Einstein not being able to tie his shoelaces.  Yes, he was different.  His differences were the reason for his great contributions to society, such as his theory on special relativity, E=mc2, that contributed to the establishment of nuclear energy used to power most of the households in the United States.  There is nothing wrong with being different.  It’s important to embrace your uniqueness and strive to achieve positive results from your strengths.

There are no two people alike in this world.  Even identical twins that share the same looks and possibly the same experiences are not the same.  Each of us is a cluster of thoughts that form and grow as we begin to socialize.  Every person we meet is another idea that we use to form perceptions in our mind.  The world we see is what shapes our views.

Unfortunately, some of us are not as fortunate as others.  We may not have the fancy cars or the big house or the most ideal health, but that does not mean that we are not able to strive to become our optimal self.  Nothing is impossible to achieve, unless one believes it is impossible.  As long as you have courage and will, you can achieve all that you want.  It just takes patience and determination.

The most important step in achieving our goals is to accept who we are and embrace all of our differences.  When I worked as a Strategic Planner, it was first and foremost important to realistically determine where the company stood in its current state.  The same goes for people.  It’s important to know who we are and accept the strength in our differences.  By knowing what our differences are and loving ourselves, it’s easier to achieve our goals.  Albert Einstein did not stop from aspiring to help mankind because he could not tie his shoelaces.  He knew it and still achieved greatness.  We can all achieve our own personal greatness by loving our differences.


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