Katrina’s Diary – Entry 5 (Fantasy Fiction)

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This diary depicts fictional events that have occurred a year prior to “The Diamond Guardians”© by Talin Mari… coming soon

November 11

I’ve been really busy filling out my college applications.  I didn’t realize that it is so hard to get into a college.  It was really funny when I asked my mom for a recommendation letter for college.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Today, I visited the cave with the dandelion.  The funny thing is that there was another dandelion that had grown in the place of the one that the wind had blown away.  I still felt hesitant to go inside the cave, but I decided to take a peak inside.  I could hear the crinkling noise of water echoing in the cave.

Just as I was about to gain the courage to walk deeper into the cave, I heard a noise coming from the distant trees. I didn’t know if it was from the footsteps of a bobcat or some other animal.  I started to panic.  As I ran away from the cave, Robbie jumped in front of me.  I screamed!  He couldn’t stop laughing.

We walked back to my house. Robbie told me that he followed my trail to the cave.  He had come to my house with his dad for dinner.  I wish my mom would have told me.  I nearly had a heart attack!

I hadn’t seen Robbie for a couple of weeks. My mom didn’t let me go to the beach with him.  She keeps on telling me that she wants me to stay close to her.  I don’t know why she’s so excited about me going off to college if she doesn’t even want me to go to the beach with Robbie.

*Katrina is a fictional character in The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari, to be released.   All entries for Katrina’s Diary are the property of the author, Talin Mari.  Events in the diary have fictionally occurred a year prior to the events depicted in the young adult fantasy fiction book, The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari.  Twitter @TalinMariWriter, www.talinmari.com, www.talinmariblogs.com, Facebook Fan Page: Talin Mari – Writer.

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