Screaming Thoughts on a Blank Screen

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“Screaming Thoughts”

by Talin Mari


Sitting in my room, without a sound to be heard,

Waiting for my thoughts to loudly fill the room,

My blank computer screen yearns for any typing.

Why do my thoughts want to stay silent today?


While I drive, they scream and pout without shame,

Mile after mile, yelling randomly during the drive,

My occupied hands restrain me from writing them.

Why, oh why, must you tell me your ideas now?


Eating with friends, my time for companionship,

Laughing, my thoughts cry louder than my friends,

My only hope is that no one can hear the giggles.

Why do my thoughts laugh out these ideas now?


While I wait in my room, I turn off my computer,

“File them away!” I say, stomping out of the room,

My hope has been shattered by their long silence.

Why is it that they suddenly begin to shout again?



I must return.

The beautiful screams!

I hear them louder than ever before.

The temptress in my thoughts begins to roar!

“Write! Write! Write!” they yell and I obediently listen.


The End




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