Katrina’s Diary – Entry 2 (Fantasy Fiction)

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This diary depicts fictional events that have occurred a year prior to “The Diamond Guardians”© by Talin Mari… coming soon

October 17

I went on a hike today.  It was a bit muddy because of all of the rains that we had in the past few days.  I’m glad it cleared up.  I was starting to get a little claustrophobic from staying indoors.  My mom didn’t seem to mind.  She was too busy painting.  I wanted to paint too, but I still felt upset with her for not letting me go to town.  She didn’t think I should go alone.  Anyway, I was stuck doing nothing except for my school assignments.

I was so excited when I woke up this morning and the clouds had moved away. It was still cold when I went on my hike.  I think it was mostly due to the slight wind and cold wetness of the muddy dirt.  That hour of exploration was exactly what I needed!  It helped stop me from being completely and eternally bored!!!

*Katrina is a fictional character in The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari, to be released.   All entries for Katrina’s Diary are the property of the author, Talin Mari.  Events in the diary have fictionally occurred a year prior to the events depicted in the young adult fantasy fiction book, The Diamond Guardians by Talin Mari.  Twitter @TalinMariWriter, www.talinmari.com, www.talinmariblogs.com, Facebook Fan Page: Talin Mari – Writer.

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